The US election and the struggles ahead: Eyewitness Reports


12:00pm to 2:00pm Saturday 7 November
8:31am Friday 6 November


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Saturday 7 November 12-2pm (Vic/NSW AEDT) 9am-11am (WAST) 11am-1pm (QLD/AEST)
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The US presidential elections are the subject of global attention for their significance.

Join this online forum hosted by Green Left to hear a socialist perspective from activists in the United States on the outcome of the election and the struggles ahead in terms of fighting for fundamental social change.

Paul Le Blanc is a long time revolutionary socialist and historian based in Pittsburgh. He has been a member of the Socialist Workers Party (US) and the International Socialist Organisation (among other groups). He is notable as the author of Lenin and the Revolutionary Party as well as books about Rosa Luxemburg.

Isaac Silver is a labour movement activist and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America in Chicago

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