Uni Student Climate Strike SYD



1:00pm Friday 13 March


March 13, 1pm. Henry Deane Plaza, 2-18 Lee Street, Haymarket


Students and young people across Australia have protested in their hundreds of thousands to demand real action on climate change to save the future of this planet. But we need to keep fighting.

Liberal and Labor politicians have doubled down on support for the coal industry, including the Adani mine. Fossil fuel corporations responsible for a warming planet get billions in government subsidies while those affected by the bushfires get next to nothing. Coal and gas projects are expanding. We need mass, radical action to challenge the political and economic status quo.

Join us on March 13 as we walk out of our universities and demand:
1. Shut down the fossil fuel industry!
2. Make the climate criminals pay!
3. Fight for a just transition!
4. Sack ScoMo!

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