Trans Pride March Melbourne



12:00pm Sunday 29 March


Trans Pride March Melbourne on Sunday 29th of March 2020 outside the State Library of Victoria from 12pm till 1pm, is about Visibility for all in our community from Trans Men & Women, Non Binary, Gender Diverse, Gender Non Conforming, Cross Dressers, Transvestites, Drag Queens and Kings, Bi and Pan Gender and so on.

This inclusive event is about highlighting the discrimination that alot of us still face, especially for our First Nations/Sistergirls and Brothers/QTIPOC and TWOC.
To completely ignore and disregard this, only reconfirms ones privileges especially white privileges.

This year and for many years to come is about Passing the Mic (inspired by Angelica Ross-Activist and Actress from Pose FX, Producer, Her Story, American Horror Story and founder of Trans Tech Social Enterprises)

We are passing the Mic to those that we don't often hear enough of in our community.
These are the voices to be heard and faces to be seen.

The march is also about Celebrating our contribution to society, which is why we will end the march with the Trans Pride Celebration Concert, featuring 10 local emerging Trans Artists.
The concert is sponsored by Federation Square and will commence at the end of the march from 3pm to 5pm at the Fed Square main stage.

See you all there.

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