Trans Day of Visibility 2020



2:00pm Saturday 28 March


We meet, protest and organise on the stolen lands of the Cadigal People of the Eora Nation and stand in solidarity with First Nations people. We acknowledge that the struggles faced by transgender people disproportionately affect Indigenous trans people, Sistergirls & Brotherboys due to the ongoing effects of racism and colonisation.

Join Trans Action Warrang to rally for Trans Day of Visibility 2020. March 28, 2pm at Town Hall. Route, speakers and accessibility info to come very soon.


- Kill the religious freedom bill
- Demand all gender affirming care to be covered on Medicare
- Complete decriminalisation of sex work across the country
- No Black deaths in custody and proper justice for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have suffered police brutality
- Raise the rate of Newstart and say no cashless welfare

The last decade has seen a real explosion in trans visibility. We are now more visible, better represented and more accepted across society. However, the price of this visibility has been a vicious backlash from transphobic people and organisations, reflected in a growing far right that has made attacking trans people a central plank of their reactionary politics both here and abroad.

In the US, we can see this in the Trump administration’s savage roll back of previous legal protections for trans people. Closer to home, the victory of the same-sex marriage campaign has led to panicked conservatives hammering home a religious discrimination act that would enshrine in law their right to fire LGBTIQ employees. Right-wing media have dedicated entire columns to attacking trans people, even going as low as to compare transgender people to the coronavirus, whilst Scott Morrison has made no secret of his contempt for trans people, referring to anti bullying program Safe Schools as ‘skin curling’. Though a small majority of Australians agree there are more than two genders and say that people should be referred by the gender pronoun they identify as, the transphobic backlash is determined and vicious, resulting in trans people having much higher rates of mental illness, addiction and suicide.

Trans Action Warrang organised a march for transgender day of visibility last year, one of the largest trans rights rallies in so-called australia ever organised. We fight hard against colonisation and capitalism, understanding that the fight for our liberation is tied up with the fight for everyone’s liberation.

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