Sydney in solidarity with Julian Assange - Global day of protest



12:00pm Monday 24 February


February 24, 12pm. Martin Place Amphitheatre

JOIN this PUBLIC RALLY to support Julian Assange as he begins the David vs Goliath battle against the US government on Day 1 of his Extradition trial.

A global wave of protests will roll out on Feb 24th in solidarity with Julian Assange, imprisoned without charge in a London maximum security gaol while he undergoes a lengthy extradition trial process that could take years to unfold.

If extradited, the US wants to prosecute non-US citizen Assange for treason with 175 years in jail - effectively a death sentence.

Recent documents lodged by the the US government show that Assange will NOT receive a fair trial. Not only will he lose any right to First amendment protection but he will be placed under "Special Administrative Measures" which means he will face brutality and isolation in a maximum security unit- restricted to contact with only a handful of approved people who are then also gagged from any communication with the world. It has been described as the darkest corner of the US prison system - designed to cover up the torture from public scrutiny.

We must show our Australian members of parliament we want them to advocate NOW for his immediate release from prison and oppose the extradition request.

Together we must show our government it's not okay to stay silent about the persecution and mobbing of a man who published state crimes.

It is a crime to not report a crime.
Silence is complicity.
Government inaction is complicity.

Please join us.

Starts 12pm Martin Place
Speakers including Quentin Dempster, Greg Barns and many others 
Music including Steve Kilbey from The Church performing live

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