Students want clean energy


@9point non = SYDNEY — Students from the University of Western Sydney (UWS) were joined by environmental activists and high-school students to present Julie Owens, the federal Labor MP who represents Parramatta, with a copy of the declaration of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition on February 16 — World Kyoto Day. The AYCC is building a nationwide, youth-led campaign that calls for urgent action against the threat of global warming.

Young people in more than 20 cities across Australia converged on MPs' electorate offices to present the declaration.

"While I agree with most of the demands for clean energy, I cannot sign onto the declaration until I talk to my party", Owens told students. She added: "This ... Liberal government [is] playing wedge politics about the environment. They aren't considering that even a one metre sea level rise could be disastrous. We'll be taking this on board at the next election."


Dear elected Green Left editor,

"whom I love in truth, Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, just as it is well with your soul. I was overjoyed when some of the friends arrived and testified to your faithfulness to the truth, namely how you walk in the truth. I have no greater joy than this, to hear that my children are walking in the truth." - 3 John 1-4 NRSV

Yet on the forgotten road to green red rainbow liberation I ask the editors of Green Left are you ill from drinking too much of that funny water in the Green Left fridge? Is deleting the truth of the original authors names of Green Left articles more important than cleaning up grammar and spelling mistakes of Green Left articles? My legal name is Comrade Shelly Frances Kershaw (formerly Shelly Ann Dahl) a forgotten Australian liberation theologian intersex asexual born out of adultery and poverty and I am the original author of this Green Left article.  So why is never forgetting the names of the original authors of Green Left articles so important? Let's look at the origins of the name Green Left that I learned about in Socialist Alliance/DSP/Resistance/Green Left party school in January 2007.

Green Left did not get it's name from the Australian Greens party and is not like the Greens in that it is not sectarian towards the forgotten student activist voices who put their prayers into organised action to fight for clean energy on the road to a Green Red rainbow liberation. Green Left's name was born out of the need to reach out to the environment movement on the road to a green red rainbow liberation. In Green Left Weekly's entire history it's only gone up a dollar on the road to Green Red liberation. Some might complain about a one dollar increase but I'd rather give my last five dollars every week to Green Left to publish the truth.

At the time I wrote this article about students wanting clean energy, we had to unite many groups because we were in the fight of our lives for the planet and humanity on the forgotten road to Green Red rainbow liberation. We had to unite the University of Western Sydney Students Association and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition to fight for clean energy because we were in the fight of our lives in western sydney. Julia Owens and the liberals were acting like trumps and refusing to commit to real climate change action. Walter in the Resistance Western Sydney Exec was always upset about the liberal and ALP governments rejecting the Kyoto protocol and refusing to commit to real climate change action. Gail was dying of Cancer and Luke Fomiatti was a cancer to the UWS Student Association.

I was a Bachelor of Communications student at the University of Western Sydney. I was the elected University of Western Sydney Student Association Cross Campus Queer officer and the elected co convenor of Community Action Against Homophobia Sydney. CAAH Blue Mountains existed at the time that later out of the No to Pope Protests of May 2008 became known as Crave MCC Paddington but that's another Green Left story to tell. I was on the Resistance Western Sydney exec, the Socialist Alliance Western Sydney exec, a DSP provisional member and I was living in a homeless shelter at the time waiting for affordable housing to live in. I had just graduated from DSP/Resistance/Socialist Alliance/Green Left Summer party school that is like doing a Bachelor of socialism degree in three weeks.

I remember I wanted to do more education for socialist courses and to complete my communication degree at UWS yet there was no time. We had to organise to relaunch the western Sydney Resistance activist centre because the party was only just re waking up to the political energy of western sydney. There was a big Stop Bush protest to organise in Sydney because Bush didn't care about turning the climate of sydney into an APEC police state detention centre. There was the ongoing Socialist Alliance Election campaign to organise across Australia. While Rachel Evans was organising the Socialist Alliance sexuality Mardi Gras Fair Day entry I had to unite CAAH Sydney and the UWS Queer collective to organise a joint Mardi Gras/Fairday CAAH Sydney Equal Love, Equal Marraige and an Equal world contingent to organise in Sydney. We had to fight for justice for Chris Pap who was the first to get hurt by Luke Fomiatti who had paid for someone to sexually assualt Chris Pap to get rid of Chris Pap from the UWS Student Association because my Gay comrade was a fighter and not a quitter.  We had to organise protests to fight for the UWS Student Association workers and the student protest organisers of the UWS Student Association because University Management and Luke Fomiatti was using Voluntary Student Unionism to sack the activist workers and to sack the activist students of the UWS Student Association. We had to organise student protests to fight for everything including for clean energy to stop voluntary student unionism killing the UWS Student Association.

At the time Walter was on the Resistance executive who taught me about the kyote protocol and the long history of capitalist politicians refusal to commit to real climate chang action. I was trying to encourage comrades to fall in love with distributing Green left as a matter of life and death like it was going to be the last paper you ever distributed. I remember I was one of the highest rating distributer of Green Left newspapers at Walk Against Warming and climate change action protests. I remember I sold 43 green left weeklies in one day at the Walk Against Warming protest in 2006 and I had dreams of breaking the Green Left distribution record and Resistance Books distribution record that equalled the world's first and oldest Resistance book record in the world - the bible which comes from the greek word "Biblica" which means a collection of books. (The task is not to believe but read comrades there is more prophetic marxism going on in the original greek and hebrew manuscripts once you understand the christian marxist hermeneutics of it. NRSV apocrypoha and the interlinear greek and hebrew are versions that don't mistranslate the original manuscripts that use gender neutral language).

While the wealthy corporations who pollute the planet might think it's no big deal to delete the names of the original authors of forgotten, how upset would Green Left be if Green Left's name was removed from every article Green Left has ever published? How upsetting would this be to Green Left to be denied it's beautiful name, it's love of giving comrades and the 99% a voice, it's love of public truth telling, it's love of prophetic intellgence, it's love of putting it's prayers into organised action to fight for a Green Red revolution and rainbow heaven on earth, it's love of history, it's love for the present, it's love for the future, it's love of student's who fight for clean energy for humanity and the planet?  

It aint no myth that that we students of western sydney universities have a long history of putting our prayers into organised protest action to fight for clean energy when the evil trumps of this world refuse to commit to urgent climate change action. I find it ironic that the Julia Owens and liberals of yesterday are no different to the evil trumps and liberals and ALPers of today who believe it's their God given right to make excuses to refuse to commit to serious climate change action yesterday and today.  

For just as God fought for global climate change action and rainbow heaven on earth for humanity and the planet in the mythological adventure of Genesis 4-9 NRSV to replace a wicked corrupt Canaanite system that was destroying the planet it aint no myth that capitalism has a long history of destroying our planet. While the genesis Noah's Arc story is a mythological adventure about what happens when evil corrupt wicked systems seek to destroy the planet there is an important lesson for Green Left to learn from my Green Left history that aint no myth. Quit drinking the funny water in the Green Left fridge, clean up your act and get back to the business of public truth telling because without Green Left, freedom of the press and public-truth telling in Australia gets forgotten.

God bless and love in struggle Comrade Shelly+ forgotten Green Left Journalist


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