SMH ignores US double standard

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The following letter is in response to a Sydney Morning Herald editorial. It was sent to that paper but not published.
* * *

Your editorial, "Iran's radioactive reasoning" (September 29) failed to mention the exposed double standard the US is exercising in regards to nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

While the US is turning a blind eye on the grave danger Israel's nuclear weapons represent to world peace and security, it applies harsh pressure on Iran and other countries to prevent it from possessing nuclear technology.

The only country that is defying international law, hundreds of UN resolutions, launching wars and oppressing and occupying other people's territories in the Middle East, is Israel and not Iran.

Why does the US not also demand that Israel allow, within weeks, unlimited access to the secret plants and sign the Non Proliferation Treaty as Iran and all Arab countries have done? The danger of Israel's nuclear weapons and the double standards is that it will push Iran and other countries in the future to possess deterrent nuclear weapons.

Ali Kazak, former ambassador of Palestine
Manuka, ACT