Save Our Medicare - Say No to Abbott's New Fee

Saturday, February 1, 2014 - 12:00

Corner Boundary and Russell Sts, West End, Brisbane

The LNP has announced plans to introduce a $6 fee for every visit to the doctor with the possibility that this could be expanded to emergency room visitations.

This is an attack on our healthcare system and it will hit the poorer sections of our society the hardest. It is also just the tip of the iceberg: if this gets through it is likely that further attacks on Medicare will come down the line.

It's time to stand united and defend our health system. Healthcare should be fully funded, free and available to all.

With the Griffith by-election coming up, let's make this a massive issue and a huge embarrassment for the LNP government!

Come along! Invite your friends and family! Spread the word!

Sam Watson, Murri Leader and Activist
Geoff Ebbs, Greens Candidate for Griffith
Melanie Thomas, Pirate Party Candidate for Griffith
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