Reverend Lucius Walker — presente!

Reverend Lucius Walker. Photo:

Reverend Lucius Walker was a veteran US activist involved in many campaigns in solidarity with liberation struggles in Latin America. Walker passed away on September 7 at the age of 80. Below is an obituary from the Committees in Solidarity with the Peoples of El Salvador. It is abridged from

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CISPES mourns the passing of companero Reverend Lucius Walker, life-long solidarity activist and founder of Interreligious Foundation for Community Organizing (IFCO) and Pastors for Peace. For more than 25 years, IFCO/Pastors for Peace has delivered caravans of humanitarian aid to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chiapas and Cuba to counter the effects of unjust US foreign policy.

Walker embodied the spirit of international solidarity, putting his body on the line to cross borders that have been criminalised by Cold-War policy, including the embargo against Cuba. IFCO has been instrumental in building international support and participation in the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba, the graduates of which now span the globe to provide community-based medical care to underserved communities, including in El Salvador.

CISPES joins in the celebration of the life, spirit and revolutionary commitment of Reverend Walker, and we hope to inspire future generation of solidarity activists to follow in his footsteps! Lucius Walker, presente!