Renewables now - no more gas 2020



8:00am Wednesday 18 March


WHEN: 8.00am - 9.30am, Wednesday 18 March
WHERE: Sheraton Grand Hyde Park, 161 Elizabeth St, Sydney CBD (near St James railway station)

Join farmers and traditional custodians from the NSW North West to protest the Narrabri Gas Project outside the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook Conference at 8am on Wednesday 18 March. Gomeroi peoples have been fighting to stop Santos destroying their land and culture for over a decade. Neither the gas industry nor the NSW Government are listening to our call to save farms, water, Indigenous land and our climate from coal seam gas, so it’s time to sound the alarm!

Bring a whistle, air horn or pot and pan. Anything that makes a noise loud enough to let the entire gas industry and NSW Government know we want renewable energy, not more high-cost polluting gas. We’ll also be singing a couple of rousing protest songs, so please bring your best singing voice!

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