Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 10:30

Refugee advocacy group PEOPLE JUST LIKE US will hold a peaceful street walk to highlight the urgent need to end indefinite detention of asylum seekers on October 15 in Castlecrag.

Local residents and PEOPLE JUST LIKE US, know that we can't go on abusing our environment, and that includes people's human rights.

Fabia Claridge, spokesperson for PEOPLE JUST LIKE US, said "the rally is an opportunity for local people to show they are prepared to stand up for the rights of people fleeing persecution. This rally will show our community that we can join with the global movement for compassion, understanding and tolerance towards asylum seekers.

The rally will meet at The Pinnacle bus terminus at 10.30am and walk to the Edinburgh Road Shopping Centre where speakers will address the group. Everyone is welcome to participate.  For further information and details go to the events of the facebook page of PEOPLE JUST LIKE US