Rally: Permanent Visas not Discrimination: Rally for Refugee Rights



2:00pm to 4:00pm Sunday 29 August


328 Swanston St, State Library.
Melbourne VIC 3000


Rally for Permanent Visas

Please note: this rally has been rescheduled due to Covid Lockdown, the new date is Sunday Aug 29 (we will change the image shortly)

We call for the government to provide:
1 - Permanent Protection Visas
2 - Right to Income Support
3 - Family Reunion Rights
4 - Fair processing of asylum claims, with appeal rights
5 - Freedom for all refugees

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سلام دوستان انجمن هزاره شمامه،
مثل هر سال امسال ام‌ در هفته پناهندگان یک تظاورات برگذار میشود که انجمن ما همراه چندین نهادها دیگر یکجاه شده از دولت فدرال تقاضا داریم که تمام پناهندگان و مهاجرین که در ویزها موقت، بریجنگ‌ یا کسانیکه از چندین سال گذشته بدون کدام‌ ویزه زندگی میکند آنها و خانوادها شان را ویزها دایم داده شود.
ما از شما دوستان و خصوصا از مهاجرین و پناهندگان بی سرنوشت خواهش میکنم که همراه انجمن هزاره شمامه یکدست شده تظاورات را کامیاب کنید.


Speakers include:
Mahshid Zartabi - Solidarity with Asylum Seekers in Australia
Khadim Hussain - Hazara Shamama Association
Adam Bandt - leader of Australian Greens
Andrew Giles PM - Labor Shadow Minister Assisting for Immigration and Citizenship
Chris Breen - Refugee Action Collective
Aran Mylvaganam - Tamil Refugee Council
Kasra - refugee detained for 8 years, currently in the Park Hotel
Rally co-chairs:
Atena - junior Taekwondo champion & Iranian refugee on Bridging visa
Betia - law student and Iraniain refugee on SHEV visa

Join us to call for permanent visas to end the discrimination and insecurity that refugees face.

Refugees on bridging visas have often been waiting years to have claims processed, unable to get Jobseeker or Jobkeeper or to study. Some can't get Medicare.

The so called 'fast track' system is a fast track to injustice only, not to speedy resolution of claims. It has changed the legal definition of refugee, and has no meaningful appeal rights.

1200 refugees who were sent offshore, including families and children brought back to Australia from Nauru, are living on 6 month bridging visas. They are effectively being resettled here, but with zero support.

Refugees on Temporary Protection Visas must renew them every 3 years (every 5 years for Safe Haven Enterprise Visas) and can't get HECS-HELP to study. The permanent insecurity makes it hard to find work, get loans, and to rebuild lives.

Family reunion is practically impossible of any of these visas.

We seek your support on behalf of more than 30,000 asylum seekers who have been living in Australian since 2012. Many of us have been separated from our families and children and spouses for over 9 years. Visa processing under the 'fast track' system is unfair. Some of us have faced homelessness as we get no government support. Many of us work and pay tax, but couldn't get Jobseeker or Jobkeeper if we lost work due to Covid-19. Temporary protection visas are cruel. We want the same human rights as everyone in Australia.

It's time to end the permanent insecurity for refugees.

It's time for permanency not poverty.

It's time for permanent visas to end the discrimination refugees face.

We call on all supporters of refugees and human rights to join us.

This event will be Covid Safe, we will have QR codes to check in, and hand sanitiser on our hygene stall. QR codes will also be printed on posters displayed at the event. Please bring a mask, observe social distancing and instructions from Covid marshals.

For more information call

Nazir - Hazara Shamama Association 0435 803 774

Jahangir - Solidarity with Asylum Seekers in Australia 0401 869 710

Hassan – Justice for Refugees 0401 310 310

Chris – Refugee Action Collective 0403 013 183

Refugees and asylum seekers on temporary or bridging visas please note - coming to rallies is legally protected, and cannot affect your existing visa or visa application in any way. Thousands of people on temporary visas have attended protests and marched at rallies. Your support is vital to create community awareness of the discrimination against us.

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