Rally: No to Trump, No to Turnbull - Let the Refugees In!

Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 14:00 to 16:00
0403 013 183

No Muslim Ban, No Wall, No Camps

Close the Camps - Bring them Here

refugee, union, & greens speakers tba

Donald Trump's ban on people from selected Muslim countries entering the US has sparked worldwide disgust, and protests across the US. Trump has also put a four month freeze on refugees, and an indefinite freeze on refugees from Syria. We need to oppose this racism here in Australia. 

The Turnbull government has refused to condemn Trump's actions, instead Turnbull claims Trump is "emulating" his own border protection policies. Trumps proposed prioritising of Christian mnorities in the refugee intake in order to discriminate against Muslim refugees is directly copied from Australia's Coalition government. Former Immigration Minister Scott Morrison boasted that the US is "catching up" with Australia. 

Australia's refugee policies and prisons need to be dismantled not emulated. Refugees have been left to rot for well over three years now in Australia's offshore detention camps. Turnbull claims that Trump will honour the deal to resettle some of them in the US. But there is still no indication how many refugees the US will accept or how long the process will take. No-one has yet been offered resettlement and it is clear that if any offers come they will not apply to all offshore. Trump has made his attitude towards refugees and Muslims clear. The idea that he will accept over 2000 from Manus and Nauru is a fraud.

Those on Manus and Nauru should not wait one day longer for freedom. Australia sent them there, it can bring them back. We demand the Turnbull government #BringThemHere.

Venue:  State Library, 328 Swanston Street Melbourne