Rally against Baillieu's anti-worker construction code

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - 11:00

Wednesday, July 4

The new state government construction code, to apply from July 1, is all about attacking unions. It forces companies to prove they are following Liberal Party anti-union policies like: Rewriting EBAs to promote labour hire and 'all-in' sham contracting; restricting entry of union officials to sites; removing union logos from work-issue clothing; limiting the freedom of union reps, and much more. Failure to comply on all sites will see builders thrown off the government tender list. The Libs will spend $7 million enforcing the code, including a hefty salary for ex-ABCC commissioner Nigel Hadgkiss. The code does nothing to improve safety, employ more apprentices or support local manufacturing jobs. The state government needs to focus on saving Victorian jobs and getting new construction projects going, not another anti-union drive. 11am. Meet at Trades Hall.