Put people before profits: Vote socialist

Socialist Alliance NSW Senate candidates Joel McAlear and Susan Price marching on the May Day rally in Sydney on May 1.

These are the socialist candidates running in the federal election, putting forward a radical, anti-capitalist alternative to the status quo.

Green Left Weekly is encouraging readers to vote 1 for candidates from the Socialist Alliance and Victorian Socialists to help build the people-powered movements for change.

Where socialists are not standing, Green Left Weekly suggests you put 1 Greens, preference Labor before the Liberals, and put the racists and far-right parties such as Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party last.

New South Wales

Susan Price | Socialist Alliance | New South Wales Senate

Susan Price has been an active unionist and socialist for more than 25 years. She was the National Tertiary Education Union UNSW branch president (2006–14) and a member of the NTEU national executive (2010–12).

She is an activist in the refugee rights movement and a campaigner for women's rights.

Price is also a Socialist Alliance national co-convenor and a Green Left Weekly editor.

Joel McAlear | Socialist Alliance | New South Wales Senate


Joel McAlear
Joel McAlear

Joel McAlear has been a socialist activist and community campaigner for most of his adult life and has worked in several community sectors. He has grown up around politics, being from a working class family with strong ties to the Maritime Union of Australia in the Illawarra.

He campaigns for youth and workers’ rights, is an advocate for mental health awareness and writes for Green Left Weekly.


Kamala Emmanuel | Socialist Alliance | Brisbane


Kamala Emmanuel
Kamala Emmanuel

Kamala Emanuel is a doctor and abortion provider. She is a passionate feminist who campaigns for abortion rights and against violence against women.

Mike Crook | Socialist Alliance | Lilley

Mike Crook is a long-term Sandgate resident and community activist. He has participated in environmental, anti-war, workers’ rights and refugee rights campaigns, as well as the fight to stop Adani.

He was a founder and convenor of Green P Community Farm.


Sue Boton | Victorian Socialists | Wills

Sue Bolton2.jpg

Sue Bolton
Sue Bolton

Sue Bolton was first elected a socialist councillor to the Moreland City Council in 2012 and was re-elected since 2016.

She has a strong record of standing up for the community against greedy developers and demanding action on the toxic waste dumps that scar the northern suburbs.

Bolton initiated the campaign for more trains on the Upfield Line.

She also has a proud record of standing with Aboriginal people and was central to the push to cancel celebrations on Australia Day (Invasion Day) in Moreland in 2017.

Kath Larkin | Victorian Socialists | Cooper


Kath Larkin.
Kath Larkin.

Kath Larkin is a rank-and-file leader with the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RBTU). In 2015 she helped organise the first strike in rail in 18 years.

From 2014-17, she was the RTBU Women’s Officer to give women a stronger voice in the industry. She is also active with Unionists for Refugees.

Larkin has lived in the Cooper electorate for most of her life. She attended Northcote High and today lives in Preston.

Jerome Small | Victorian Socialists | Calwell


Jerome Small.
Jerome Small.

Jerome Small has been a construction worker for two decades and a trade unionist activist for his whole working life. He is a long time anti-war and anti-racism campaigner.

In the 1980s he led student walk-outs against the nuclear industry and US bases and in the late 1990s was a leader of the protest movement against Pauline Hanson.

Western Australia

Sam Wainwright | Socialist Alliance | Fremantle


Sam Wainwright.
Sam Wainwright.

Sam Wainwright is a disability support worker and councillor at the City of Fremantle. He was a wharfie for 12 years and is an active unionist.

Wainwright is passionate about sustainable transport, and helped found Fremantle Road to Rail and the local Bicycle User Group.

Petrina Harley | Socialist Alliance | Western Australia Senate

Petrina Harley is a mother of two, a teacher and fierce advocate for human rights.

She has campaigned for the Safe Schools program, the rights of the LGBTI community and refugee rights.

Alex Salmon | Socialist Alliance | Western Australia Senate

alex salmon 3.jpg

Alex Salmon
Alex Salmon.

Alex Salmon has been active in the refugee rights and anti-war movements for nearly 20 years.

He has a special interest in labour history and covers workers’ rights and union struggles for Green Left Weekly.

Salmon works as a legal archivist and lives in Fremantle.