Public Transport, Public Hands: Community Meeting


10:00am Thursday 2 February


After 20 years of privately run Public Transport, enough is enough. The experiment has failed and Victorians deserve better!

With the contracts nearing expiry, this Government has the opportunity to explore more cost effective options that would protect the public interest while providing a better system for Victoria. Public transport should be controlled by us, not overseas private companies. Support has been pouring in for a change and we want Premier Daniel Andrews to know that our public transport system is too important to be left in private hands, we want control back.

We’re calling a public meeting to set out the next steps. We need you to join us.

Victorians deserve better than multinational corporations all too happy to skip stations, cancel services and poorly maintain State owned assets. Having now recieved about $10 billion from Victorian taxpayers, it is high time that the Victorian government put an end to this open exploitation of taxpayer funds and explore how the public can benefit from the sustainable industry of the future.

The more people involved in this campaign, the more chance we have to win.

Thursday, February 2nd, 10:00 am, 54 Victoria Street, Carlton, VIC 3053.


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