Public meeting: Eyewitness account from Venezuela.

Friday, July 29, 2011 - 18:00

We feel there is a lack of clarity on the left about Venezuela. We do not believe it is a socialist country but do not want to dismiss the gains won by workers.
Clearly there have been huge gains won since the start of the 'Bolivarian Revolution' including the election of Hugo Chavez as president in 1998. Earlier this year Chavez said: 'After 12 years, today we can at last say we have a national public health care system. This is only possible in revolution. This is only possible with this Bolivarian government.' But this is not a perfect society in which the people are free from class, poverty or oppression. So where is the Revolution heading?

John Cleary has just returned from another trip to Venezuela to address these issues with us.

RAAF Office, Trades Hall, 4th Floor, rear building.