Protest: Shoe away the war criminals!



1:00pm Monday 08 November


Robert Gates (Bush-Obama defense secretary and former CIA deputy director) and Hillary Clinton (Obama's secretary of state) will be in Australia for talks with the pro-war Julia Gillard government. Even Gates admits that the US-NATO war and occupation in Afghanistan is not going well. The Revolutionary Assoc of Afghan Women has accused Clinton of lying when she says the Western occupation can continue while the women of Afghanistan are saved. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Australia is training militia connected to Uruzgan warlord Matiullah Khan. Perhaps that explains why Afghan president Hamid Kazai praised the PM for working with "warlordy types" when she visited Afghanistan last month. Send a message to Gates, Clinton and Gillard that the troops have to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq ... and bring your spare shoes! Where: Outside US Consulate, Martin Place.