Progressive Cinema presents LANDS FOR FREEDOM

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 19:00
Bea on 0458 752 680

LANDS for FREEDOM portrays four farmers in the 21st century, passionate rebels and visionaries.
André, Giuseppe, Olga and Remy live and work in Belgium, Italy, Austria and Africa but they speak the same language, the Earth's.

Each of them came to realize that the agro-industry is not only harmful to human and environment but moreover, it cannot defeat global hunger. Pioneers of a new intensive but sustainable agriculture that is economically viable, they are committed to an unshakeable belief: the sustainable, ecological farming that they practice could feed the 9 billion people that the Earth will have to support by 2050.

Archive footage is used to put the individual farmers' stories in a historical context. Is their vision romantic or innovative? A real hope or an illusion? A documentary that gives the voice to four outstanding human beings, opens new horizons and raises vital questions. A unique insight into complex problems embodied in endearing character.

McCrossin’s Mill in Uralla, NSW