Green Left News Podcast Ep 2: Earthquake crisis, France strikes, a win for refugees

Green Left News podcast Ep 2
Green Left News podcast Episode 2, February 20, 2023

Episode 2, February 20, 2023. Green Left journalists Ben Radford and Isaac Nellist take you through the latest news from Australia and around the world. For more information on all of these stories, read our in-depth coverage here.

Music and editing by LittleArcherBeats.

February 20 forum on Sovereignty, Treaty & First Nations justice, with Senator Lidia Thorpe and Uncle Gary Murray.

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Green Left articles featured in this episode:


Banks targeted for supporting Adani

Adani in crisis a national webinar is told

Public housing activist: ‘We have the right to decent housing’

Why we were right to protest the Iraq war

19 years on — still no justice for TJ Hickey

Tamils speak out on Oppression Day

Lidia Thorpe quits Greens after disagreement over Voice, Treaty


Kurds appeal for urgent aid in wake of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Turkish dictator Erdogan weaponises earthquake disaster against Kurds

Profiteering from militarism: How NATO is using Russia’s war in Ukraine

Burkina Faso ejects French troops

Confronting Canadian policing’s deadly record

Strike wave continues to build across Britain

France: Movement to defend pensions building up steam

France: In the movement to defend pensions, will Macron be beaten?

We acknowledge that this was produced on stolen Aboriginal land. We express solidarity with ongoing struggles for justice for First Nations people and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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