Palm Sunday rally for refugees 2020



2:00pm Sunday 05 April


April 5, 2pm. Belmore Park, Sydney

The repeal of the Medevac Bill shows that the government is determined to continue its cruelty towards refugees. There are still 460 refugees and asylum seekers in PNG and Nauru. With the US deal close to exhausted, those remaining have few hopes of resettlement. After over six years their situation is increasingly desperate. Those in PNG have been moved into the community where they are not safe and are being forced into poverty.

There are now over 1200 people from Nauru and Manus who have been transferred to Australia. Many of them are in detention and being denied medical care.

And the problems for the 30,000 who arrived by boat and live in the community are also growing. Some face homelessness as get no government support. All face permanent insecurity.

Those found to be refugees can receive only Temporary Protection Visas or SHEVs. This cruel policy forces them to re-apply for protection again every three years, with the prospect of being sent back to danger always hanging over them. They have less rights than those on permanent visas and cannot apply for citizenship or to bring their families to join them. Many have been separated from families for eight years.

Join us on Palm Sunday 2020 to demand the government end its cruelty to refugees, bring them here from PNG and Nauru and allow them all to live in the community with permanent protection.

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