Pakistan terrorises Balochistan — world must speak out

Protest in Toronto, Canada, against abduction of Shabir Baloch.

Pakistan's south-western province of Balochistan is the site of an intense struggle for self-determination against the federal government.

Despite the province being rich in natural resources, the Baloch majority ethnic group remains economically marginalised and receives little benefit from development in region.

In its efforts to counter the Baloch struggle, the Pakistani state has resorted over the years to violent repression and indiscriminate warfare.

A statement released by the Baloch Students Organisation Azad, which organises for Baloch self-determination, slightly abridged below, calls for global opposition to Pakistan’s crimes against Balochistan.


Balochistan is facing extreme brutalities committed by Pakistani forces on a daily basis. On October 4, a Baloch leader, Shabir Baloch, was abducted by Pakistani forces from Kech District of Occupied Balochistan; his whereabouts still remain unknown.

More than 25,000 Baloch civilians have been abducted and kept in secret torture cells. This included political activists and Baloch leaders like Zahid Baloch, Zakir Majeed Baloch, Dr Deen Mohammad and many others.

Pakistan is selectively targeting educated youth and professionals in Balochistan. Professor Saba Dashtyari, Professor Razzaq, Dr Mazar Khan, educationist Zahid Askani and many others have been murdered in broad daylight by Pakistani forces and its religious extremists. Forty-two journalists have been killed in Balochistan during the past six years.

Now there is a complete media blackout on Balochistan. Due to the silence of human rights groups, Pakistan is openly violating human rights and international law in occupied Balochistan.

The Baloch nation has expectations from the civilised people of the world. The whole region and world are suffering from Pakistan’s actions, not just Balochistan.

It is Pakistan that has hosted the Taliban and other terrorist outfits openly operating in the country. We are struggling against Pakistan and these proxies to regain a free state of Balochistan, which would guarantee peace in the region.

The ongoing abductions of our leaders and the astonishing silence of the world's civilised nations must end. Let us break the silence. Let us save thousands of abducted Baloch people. Let's save Baloch leaders like Zahid Baloch, Zakir Majeed Baloch, Dr Deen Mohammad Baloch, Shabir Baloch and others.

Please raise your voice to stop the atrocities in Balochistan committed by the Paksitani establishment.