Occupy Adelaide lends support to Egypt’s revolution

Tahrir square, Cairo, November 18.

Occupy Adelaide released the solidarity statement below on November 22.

* * *

The Egyptian occupiers of Cairo’s Tahrir Square were an inspiration to genuine democrats and 99-percenters around the world. They overthrew the repulsive US-backed Mubarak dictatorship, at the cost of much pain and sacrifice of lives.

But their revolution was only half-done.

The conservative and autocratic leadership of the Egyptian army have taken control and re-constituted the power of the elites in Egypt since the uprising. So more and more Egyptians are realising they have to win back their country and its politics again — and now they face military forces mobilised to defend the old order.

We salute their courage, their conviction and their dogged persistence in the face of this betrayal; and we condemn the murderers of Egyptian demonstrators for democracy and equality.


(http://www.occupymedia.de/?page_id=657) Solidarity Letter from Berlin After over 30 years of living under a brutal dictatorship, the Egyptian people, on this years’ January 25, erupted in fury. Your revolution shook the globe. We watched as you occupied Tahrir Square and resisted the government’s ruthless attacks. At the end of those 18 long days, we witnessed the power of a united people as you celebrated the revolution’s success in ousting Mubarak. This letter addresses all those in Cairo and the other cities in Egypt who are currently protesting against a violent and brutal military regime that did not stop oppressing its people, even the fall of Mubarak. We observe that Egyptian activists are exposed to heavy danger and life-threating situations for their courage to take a stand against both a military government which is monopolizing the political power and against a police state trying to repress protesters with extreme violence. Many Egyptian activists have been imprisoned or have lost their lives in this struggle during the last days and months. We are mourning with you. And we are admiring you for your efforts. Your fellow protesters in Berlin and other German cities (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf etc.) are closely observing the unfolding events in Egypt. We stand beside you in solidarity and we assure you to offer any support we are able to organize. You have inspired thousands of people all over the globe to occupy public spaces, to stand up for our rights, to not give in to political authorities, in other words: to bring Tahrir Square everywhere. We are now in many ways involved in a similar struggle in over 1500 cities worldwide – “similar” when it comes to our motivations and our aims, but of course not when it comes to the danger you are putting yourselves into. “The Arab Spring” in Tunesia and Egypt started this global movement: the movement in Spain, the movement in the United States, in the UK, in Germany, in Israel and in many countries more. You and others have started fighting against a system of repression, disenfranchisement and the unchecked ravages of global capitalism. An entire generation across the globe has grown up realizing – rationally and emotionally – that we have no future in the current social order and that we have to fight for our goals instead of simply hoping for a brighter tomorrow. We are standing with you against the brutal repression enacted by the government of Egypt, supported and armed also by the German government and other NATO states. We hope you will continue your resistance and won´t be responsive to the many power holders trying to discourage you – keeping in mind the ease of asking for it, and the harshness of actually doing so. You are the ones, after all, who have shown us that another world is possible. With love and solidarity from Occupy Berlin!