No Pride in Detention: Homos Against Scomo 2020



3:00pm Saturday 29 February


March with pride at Mardi Gras on February 29 and say NO PRIDE in detention and NO PRIDE in our government.

Join Community Action for Rainbow Rights, Refugee Action Coalition, and campus queer collectives in this joyous protest saying no to racism, homophobia, and transphobia, and no to the Morrison Government whose only response during the fires is to introduce a religious freedoms bill!

We've been one of the largest floats at Mardi Gras for several years. In 2016 our opposition to Shorten's racism in the parade made it into international news and put real pressure on the government. We made it into the news again when CAAH and the Mardi Gras membership called for Turnbull to no longer be invited to Mardi Gras.

If you want to be part of a float that has politicised Mardi Gras, and one that has fun, music, dancing, and glitter, then come join us! Colour theme is red and black!

Registration is available HERE:

You are not in the float until you have registered with us through this link so make sure you don't forget if you want to be in the most happening thing this coming Mardi Gras!

Please note that tickets are not transferrable, so let us know if you can't come and we can re-allocate tickets. Also please contact us if there are concerns about your attendance, or anyone else's.

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