Newtown community meeting on Westconnex/M4-M5 Link

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 18:30

Venue: Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

WestConnex is the 33km mainly underground network of private tollways that the NSW Government is building around Sydney at immense cost to taxpayers and the environment. It will delay long overdue investment in better public transport. It has already created havoc across many parts of the Inner West, destroying homes, trees and communities.

Stage 3, the M4-M5 Link, involves two fourlane underground tunnels stretching from St Peters to Haberfield to join up the M4 and M5 duplications and extensions already underway. WestConnex’s exploratory drilling sites and recently published new alignment take this eight lane tunnel directly under our houses and straight through the historic North Kingston Heritage Estate.

Newtown residents and supporters have called a community meeting to find answers to our unanswered questions about this project and its potential impact on Newtown and neighbouring suburbs, such as:

• What is it like to have this kind of construction work going on underneath you? In your suburb? How deep would the tunnel be? Where would the mid-tunnel construction site be located? And where will ‘spoil’ from the tunnelling be deposited?

• Where would exhaust stacks be? And what are the accompanying health hazards?

• Could vibrations from tunnelling during construction damage our homes and/or sensitive heritage structures? What happens if our houses are damaged?

• Do earlier predictions of post-tunnel traffic volumes in Newtown and King St need to be re-assessed now that the plans have changed and exit/entrance ramps to Parramatta Rd Camperdown have been removed?

Speakers will include WestConnex and independent traffic analysts, experts on the health impacts of underground motorways and the impacts of drilling and blasting on this scale for sensitive heritage structures.