New kids’ science show has Indigenous knowledge take on ‘Dr Havoc’

Hosts Dr Rae Johnston and sidekick WOM-BOT X. Photo supplied

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An exciting and innovative new children’s TV series was launched on NITV on August 13 as part of National Science Week. 

Rewired brings Indigenous scientific and sustainability knowledge to the screen in a classic “heroes and villains” genre. About 80,000 years’ worth of scientific knowledge and practice goes up against Dr Havoc, the super villain intent on destroying the Earth.

Hosts Dr Rae Johnston and sidekick WOM-BOT X weave the narrative together as they hear from a variety of Indigenous scientists and activists from Australia and around the world. They share their knowledge on a variety of topics: climate change, physics, astronomy and AI (Aboriginal Intelligence).

As well as underwater photography, traditional dance as a way to teach maths, and enough special effects and scary voice-overs to keep the kids happy, the season’s teaser also featured a smattering of Indigenous Australian languages and some inspiring political hip hop from a young Indigenous activist from Mexico — so it’s off to a powerful start.

[Watch Rewired on SBS On Demand.]