Nations and national self-determination



4:00am Saturday 24 February


The struggle by oppressed nations for their liberation remains a burning issue today and for those of us in the First World — in a position to organise international solidarity — it remains important to understand.

The Palestinian’s struggle for justice, the Catalan's people for a seperate state and the Kurdish people’s struggle for democratic confederalism in northern Syria — although different — are critical reminders.

Studying England’s colonisation of Ireland, Karl Marx said the working class of the oppressor nation must support the right of the oppressed nation to determine its own future, even up to the point of separation.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks developed on this, arriving at the idea that a nation was connected with territory, economy and class structure. They refused to regard historical state borders that cut across living nations as sacrosanct.

Does this mean that socialists must support the right of national self-determination of an independent state by every nation in all cases?

How does one distinguish between national self-determination and nationalism?

In an era of imperialism, what does genuine national liberation look like?

Presented by Rupen Savoulian, writer and member of Socialist Alliance.

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