Museworthy: The Constitution of Stars



the moon has moved

the birds are involved in civil war

taxation has stopped the reach of trees

into the blue identity of heaven

the nine models of evil justice

have resulted in uncolliding planets for whose

existence most of us must take someone's word

words have been elected kings

and dispensations handed out

to horse-traders, honest and dishonest

the president's sons and daughters

are now born into their future

with the desire that every part

of this constitution stick together

without falling apart

it is a community of the inconceivable

where preambles the age of elephants

snort in the water-holes

and beasts which might be buffaloes

sit solidly like numbered clauses

on this page of earth

children fight over wildflowers

and judges sit in caves to pronounce

"You have" and "You have not"

if in your hand you carry a star

through this land and you see a person

who would like to take it from you

hurry away!

they have not had a breakfast of stars

they have not had a lunch of stars

nor stars for dinner

the moon might move

and birds may be engaged in insurrection

and although this is also a constitution

for the starless

from cradle to grave you do not meet

power makes this a constellation of stars

and they glitter no less because

bodies hang from the questing trees

two houses from the end of town it is dark

swinging, turning

the light bounces off their teeth


MTC Cronin has had six books of poetry published, the most recent being Talking to Neruda's Questions and Bestseller (both Vagabond Press, 2001). Another collection, My Lover's Back, is forthcoming in 2002 (UQP). After being employed for most of the decade of the '90s in law, she has in recent years begun teaching literature and creative writing at secondary schools and universities. She is currently working on a PhD, Poetry and Law: Discourses of the Social Heart, and has recently received an Established Writers New Work Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts. Her books are available by contacting her at: <> or ph: (02) 9550 2918.

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