May 1 Rally: Workers' Rights, Social Justice, Climate Action


11:00am Friday 1 May


May 1, 11am. Belmore Park, Sydney

May 1 is International Workers’ Day – a historic day of workers’ struggle and international solidarity. In 2018 and 2019 in Sydney on May 1, thousands of workers marched off construction sites, factories and wharves to take to the streets and many more joined in from other industries, demanding an end to the Morrison government and their anti-union laws.

This year, a May 1 Movement has formed to carry forward the momentum and build greater unity and focus for the struggles ahead.

We march for Workers Rights - Social Justice - Climate Action. We have been deeply inspired by the massive “School Strike for Climate” demonstrations that have put strike action on the agenda, in the face of disastrous climate change threatening our communities and our planet. The School Strike for Climate Movement (SS4C) has also endorsed the May 1 demonstration. Mass action will be crucial to winning a just transition to renewable energy and other low emissions industries that ensures no worker is left behind and many thousands of new job opportunities are created. We stand with First Nations communities defending their lands. We need a decarbonised economy and equality, justice and quality public services for all.

The anti-union “Fair Work Act” is choking our ability to organise and fight at work and to challenge exploitation and oppression across our society. The Ensuring Integrity Bill would further shackle our unions and must be defeated. We will fight to remove all restrictions on our right to strike.

Join the MUA, CFMEU Construction, ETU, Plumbers, other unionists to build for a strong demonstration of working class power on the streets on May 1. Get organised in your union to mobilise for this day of action.

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