March4Hannah - Adelaide Rally



5:30pm Wednesday 04 March


March 4, 5.30pm. Parliament House, Adelaide

Join us on March 4th in the Adelaide CBD for the #March4Hannah, Aaliyah, Laianah, and Trey.

We will be highlighting the need for Domestic Violence to be declared a national crisis and call on the media and police to stop portraying perpetrators as "good guys" who have been "pushed too far"!

We will meet at Parliament House at 5:30 and march to Elder Park, where we will pay our respects, listen to speakers, and celebrate the strength that Domestic Violence survivors exhibit every minute - together, in solidarity.

Stay tuned for further details on speakers which we will release over the coming week.

Why will we march?

“About a week ago I was reading an article. Something along the lines of ‘if a woman is murdered by a stranger people hold vigils and march in the streets, but if a woman is murdered by her partner, people do nothing”

As I read the article I thought to myself, ‘that’s it, the next one, the next woman who is murdered by her partner, I’m marching in the streets’ and sadly I knew with our statistics in Australia that this would be happening within the next week, because that’s how many women are murdered by a partner each week in Australia.

So on Wednesday March 4th, we will march and hold a vigil because as a society we have sat quietly on this for too long.”
- Emily Millward, Melbourne Organiser

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