March 4 Hannah Clarke Mudgee



5:30pm Wednesday 04 March


March 4, 5.30pm. Club Mudgee

Join Mudgee community in the ' March 4 Hannah', and her children Aaliyah, Laianah, and Trey.

Club Mudgee is generously supporting and assisting coordinating this with Mudgee Ladies Connect.

We will be starting at Club Mudgee and marching to Robertson Park.

Please think about coming along to this event to raise awareness and declare Domestic Violence a national crisis.

Domestic Violence, encompasses all violence within all relationships.
Partner to Partner, Parent to Child, Child to Elderly Parent, Workplace bullying, School Bullying, Road Rage...
and it goes on and it must Stop Now...

For those who have not heard of Hannah Clarke...

Hanna Clarke was a beautiful young mother of three little ones. She had left her husband because of domestic violence.

Last week her estranged husband arrived at Hannah's new home as she was readying the children for school. The children were strapped into their seat as he covered, Hannah and the car in petrol and set the children alight.

Hannah bravely fought the flames to save her children, unfortunately they perished in the car.

Hannah stayed alive long enough to tell the full story to the police.

Her family shared with the media that, the only place on her body not burned was the soles of her feet.

Her Family are creating a organisation...

"Small Steps for Hannah"

If anyone would like to get involved and raise awareness share on your face page, hand out brochures / posters for this event please let me know. All help is appreciated.

So on Wednesday March 4th, we will march and hold a vigil because as a society we have sat quietly on this for too long.

Please be sure to share the event!

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