March 4 Hannah (Clarke) Melbourne



6:00pm Wednesday 04 March


March 4, 6pm. State Library, Swanston St, Melbourne

Join us on March 4th in the Melbourne CBD for the #March4Hannah, Aaliyah, Laianah, and Trey.

We will be highlighting the need for Domestic Violence to be declared a national crisis and call on the media and police to stop portraying perpetrators as "good guys" who have been "pushed too far"!

We will march from the State Library to Parliament House, stay tuned to this page for further details on speakers which we will release over the coming week.

Why will we march?

About a week ago I was reading an article. Something along the lines of ‘if a woman is murdered by a stranger people hold vigils and march in the streets, but if a woman is murdered by her partner, people do nothing”

As I read the article I thought to myself, ‘that’s it, the next one, the next woman who is murdered by her partner, I’m marching in the streets’ and sadly I knew with our statistics in Australia that this would be happening within the next week, because that’s how many women are murdered by a partner each week in Australia.

So on Wednesday March 4th, we will march and hold a vigil because as a society we have sat quietly on this for too long.

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