March 4 Hannah (Brisbane)



5:00pm Wednesday 04 March


March 4, 5pm. Family Law Court, Brisbane.

Wednesday 4th of March will mark two weeks since the horrific murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children by the children's father.

On this day, we will meet at the Family Law Court in Brisbane. We will hear from a speaker from the Brisbane Feminist Action group then
march down George street to Parliament House (make a poster if you can). There we will hold a vigil in remembrance of Hannah and her children.

Why will we march?

Brisbane is joining other Australian cities (Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Newcastle) to show our solidarity against domestic and family violence. Enough is enough!

Words from the Melbourne event organiser: "I read an article saying ‘if a woman is murdered by a stranger people hold vigils and march in the streets, but if a woman is murdered by her partner, people do nothing” I thought to myself, ‘that’s it, the next one, the next woman who is murdered by her partner, I’m marching in the streets’ and sadly I knew with our statistics in Australia that this would be happening within the next week, because that’s how many women are murdered by a partner each week in Australia.

So on Wednesday we will march and hold a vigil because as a society we have sat quietly on this for too long and for fear of what? Offending people who have been mistreated by women? Check your ego at the door, there is no excuse for violence or murder.

Please share the event!

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