From Manus to the Mantra: Let them out, let them stay



2:00pm Saturday 29 February
2:38pm Wednesday 12 February


February 29, 2pm. Mantra Bell City, 215 Bell Street, Preston

Refugees and asylum-seekers brought from Manus for medical treatment have been locked up at the Mantra Hotel in Preston, in some cases for almost a year. Others are behind the fences at the Broadmeadows detention centre.

Around around Australia people from both Manus and Nauru here for medical treatment are being indefinitely detained (before Feb 2019 many had been allowed into the community).

This is no way to treat people with mental and physical health problems. After six years in detention offshore they are still not free, and they often have not received proper (or any) treatment for their medical problems.

These refugees and asylum-seekers must be released and allowed to stay permanently.

The hundreds remaining in PNG and on Nauru deserve the same - they must be brought here to safety and set free.

Speakers TBC.

For more information, ring Chris on 0403 013 183.

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Chris 0403 013 183