A lot doing on the fringe


By Vanessa Hearman

A lot doing on the fringe

By Vannessa Hearman
Photo by Bronwen Beechey

MELBOURNE — The Fringe Arts Festival opened here on September 7 and runs until September 28. Fringe started in 1982, intended as a huge forum for alternative arts. All artists involved devise, produce and finance their own events. Last year, the festival attracted 28,000 people.

Activities this year involve theatre, art exhibitions and readings of works by various authors, as well as films and documentaries.

A large proportion is devoted to women and Kooris, such as the Victorian Indigenous Women Writers' Festival and a Koori Music Programme.

Some highlights are "Out of Line" — an exhibition of work by feminist cartoonists, and the Fringe Parade in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, to mark the opening of the festival.

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