Justice for Mhelody Vigil + Rally



6:00pm Tuesday 06 April


State Library
Melbourne VIC 3000


The verdict on Mhelody’s death where the murderer was allowed to walk free is a despicable miscarriage of justice. It not only denies the victim justice, but it reinforces the structural violence against women.

It sends the chilling message that the lives of the vulnerable like Mhelody, a Filipino transwoman who was in Australia as a tourist, does not matter. We cannot stress enough the cruelty of her death, and yet, while the Philippine government neglects her the Australian government coddles her perpetrator.

It is now upon us to demand justice for Mhelody, and demand that the perpetrator Rian Ross Toyer, 33, a former corporal in the Australian Air Force (RAAF), be tried for murder.

To express our solidarity and our rage against this INJUSTICE, we call on our friends and allies to join our Vigil and Rally on the 6th of April 2021, 6 PM to 8 PM at the State Library of Victoria

Justice For Mhelody!
Trans Lives Matter!
Stop Violence against Women!
Inquest Now!
Stop the Killings!

**We ask that all attendees maintain social distancing of 1.5m between each other where practical,wear a mask and practice social distancing.We request you do not attend if you have any cold or flu like symptoms.**

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