Join the ‘fightback’ on May Day

Join the 'fightback' contingent in May Day marches across Australia this year.

A range of socialist and activist groups will be marching together in joint contingents in this year’s May Day rallies across Australia behind banners saying, “It's time for a fightback”.

Initiated by the Socialist Alliance, the contingents have been supported by a range of groups, including Resistance, Socialist Alternative, Latin American Social Forum, Solidarity, the Indigenous Social Justice Association, Committee in Solidarity with Cuba, and Sydney University Education Action Group.

These groups all recognise the threat of the continuing economic crisis that has enabled austerity measures to be implemented across Europe, leaving millions in poverty from drastic cuts to jobs, pensions, healthcare and education.

In Sydney, participating groups have released a statement that says: “While Australia has been relatively immune from the severity of the economic crisis — in part because of the major mining projects — many Australian households are now more deeply in debt than before.

“The insecurity and fear that’s generated from increased casualisation, greater job insecurity and extraordinarily high house prices and rentals is being cynically manipulated by governments to persuade working people that they have something to fear from asylum seekers and minorities. Racism, as ever, is being used to divide the working class.”

In the face of the expected election of a Tony Abbott government, and the attacks on the working class that will accompany it, there is a need for the Australian left to unite around common issues.

The fightback contingents will demand:

- Stop the racism against refugees and asylum seekers
- No Work Choices ‘lite’: defend the right to strike
- Services, not job cuts
- No to racist scapegoating: full citizenship and industrial rights for migrant workers
- Money for health and education, not racism and war
- Internationalism and solidarity will win.

[Individuals and groups are encouraged to join the Fightback contingent on May Day. For more information call Diane Fieldes on 0413 003 148 or Fred Fuentes on 0412 556 527.]

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