Jam packed with funny poems


Jam packed with funny poems

0 Funny Little Poems
By Denis Kevans
Lorikeet Publications, 1998
63 Valley Rd, Wentworth Falls 2782
Phone (02) 4757 3119

Review by Alex Bainbridge

This book is exactly what it claims to be — jam packed with funny little poems. And very good ones at that. However, I can't vouch for the number of poems it contains.

On the front cover, next to the number 300, the reader is invited to "count them". My stubborn streak got the better of me, and I deliberately decided not to.

If funny poems are what you're after, you won't be disappointed. This certainly isn't a collection of dreary poetry that needs to be pored over before you can understand it. This is a book that can be picked up and skimmed for quick chuckles.

Many of the poems reflect their author's involvement in progressive issues such as the environment, trade union/workers' rights and social justice.

Bosses and bureaucrats, foreign imperialism and environmental destroyers all are made fun of. There are also poems about the quirky things that affect people's ordinary lives. Many of the poems would be suitable presented from a concert hall, a protest rally or a picket line.

To top it off, many of the poems have amusing illustrations by Greg Gaul, making it just the sort of book that could be left on a coffee table for casual enjoyment.

I haven't space to show a sufficiently representative sample, but here's one:

Strict standards

The Rio Tinto staffer said: "Listen to me,
Have you got piles then Bob?"
"Well yes!"
"Well, bad luck."
"Bad luck why?"
"We only want perfect arseholes for this job."

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