Iran’s execution of Kurdish political prisoners protested

Speaking out against the Iranian government's execution of three Kurdish political prisoners.

A snap protest was organised by the Committee in Solidarity with Peoples Struggles in Iran on September 12 in response to the execution of three Kurdish political prisoners in Iran: Ramin Hussein Panahi, Loghman Moradi and Zanier Morandi.

The action also condemned the subsequent Iranian missile attack on the headquarters of two Kurdish parties opposed to the Iranian regime in Koya, in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

While protests took place around the world, the people of East (Iranian) Kurdistan organised a general strike, closing down shops and other workplaces. Most people stayed at home and the streets of the predominantly Kurdish population cities of Sanandaj, Mariwan, Saqez, Bane, Mahabad and Piranshah were deserted.

[More photos of the Sydney action can be viewed here.]