Invasion Day rally



11:00am Sunday 26 January


January 26, 11am-1pm, Civic Park, Newcastle

January 26th is a day First Nations peoples acknowledge as Invasion Day, Survival Day, and a Day of Mourning. We are inviting you, First Nations peoples and our supporters, to join us as we commence our first of an annual rally and peaceful protest march to mark this day.

Every year, in growing numbers, many of us who call the Hunter, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and surrounds home, travel with our children, friends, and families to be part of the protest rallies in Sydney, or to events such as the Yabun festival. These are excellent events worth supporting, but with our growing numbers, and with the announcement that the 're-enactment' of Cook’s Endeavour intends on stopping in at Newcastle later this year, we believe it is time for this region to have its own representation in the annual January 26th rallies.

We will stand together and march together on January 26 to protest the ongoing colonial violence enacted against our people. Let's make it clear our community stands together, we want treaties, justice, and peace.