International Women's Day March Adelaide 2020



5:30pm Friday 06 March


March 6, 5.30pm. Victoria Square, Adelaide

In 2020, in the lead up to International Women’s Day, we will be marching against climate change.

The IWD SA collective has decided that in 2020, the theme for this year’s march is: Climate change: Women fight back!

This is in recognition of the amazing work that women have done to lead & champion this urgent issue. But to more importantly push for the crucial work that needs to be done to address climate change, as the impact will be worse for women & other minority genders.

We are already seeing the devastating effects that climate change is having; bushfires, hail & flooding. This has destroyed wildlife, homes, & lives. Placing communities in financial hardship, traumatised & scared for their future.

We march on Kaurna land.
We will gather at Tarntanyangga (Victoria Square), & march together to Parliament steps.

Speakers: to be announced.

Wear Red.

Please invite your friends!

This space is as much for non-binary, gender fluid and trans women as it is for cis-women.

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