Hundreds ‘experience Palestine’


More than 300 people attended an “Experience Palestine” event organised by the Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY), at Coburg Town Hall on February 19.

They were greeted by mock Israeli “border guards” and questioned about their identity and right to enter the premises.

Once they had passed through the wood and wire “checkpoints”, visitors listened to guest speakers on Palestine and life under occupation before having a break to wander about the different exhibits.

Visitors’ show bags contained an “identity card” — each card detailed the death of a Palestinian civilian — a replica United Nations Relief & Works Agency (UNRWA) ration card, as well as a single sock and some waste paper so they could make their own makeshift ball, just as Palestinian children do.

Visitors exited via the checkpoints with many leaving messages of solidarity and support on a mock-up “separation” wall.


Did they also show the suicide vests that the "martyrs" wear?
Were they presented with the Hamas Charter that says that Israel Jews and Judaism are contrary to Islam?
Did you fire rockets onto the hall to re-create the Sderot experience?
Did organisers shoot all the children like Palestinian terrorists do?
An Israeli child once told his Palestinian friend: "my dad said to me that all Palestinians are terrorists and they kill children. The Palestinaian child replied: "My dad did not tell me anything, he was killed by an IDF F16 strike".
Did they enjoy that experience? At least they had some glimpse on some Palestinian way of life. The Elevation Group Review team was part of these hundreds of people.