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"Is that the truth, or did you read it in the Murdoch press?" is a well-known slogan in social media these days. Public confidence in the mainstream media generally is at an all-time low.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have been reborn as international statespeople over the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner in eastern Ukraine, if you can believe the coverage in the Australian mainstream media.

Only in Green Left Weekly will you read the truth that the government have been exploiting the tragedy to deflect attention from an unpopular budget.

In regard to the war in Gaza, according to the dominant theme of the coverage in the Australian media, an equals sign is placed between the Israeli massacre of mainly civilians in "the world's largest open-air prison," and Hamas firing rockets in self-defence. The on-going Israeli siege of Gaza is largely ignored.

Compare the majority coverage in most of the big media in Australia, whether Murdoch, Fairfax or ABC, on Gaza and Palestine, with the obvious truth emblazoned on the front page of GLW on July 23: "World Must Act: End Support for Israel."

GLW is the only weekly newspaper in Australia where you can read the truth about the social gains of the revolutions sweeping Latin America, especially in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Cuba, as well as the debates about challenges facing those social transformations.

On refugees, GLW clearly points out the reality of the government’s policies on asylum-seekers. It also has weekly coverage of the bi-partisan crimes of our governments in victimising those fleeing persecution in their home countries.

And on the climate change emergency, GLW is essential reading for its challenge to the environment movement and the leading political parties.

It has relentlessly exposed the charade of the budget, described by Treasurer Joe Hockey as "firm, but fair". We also see our paper as a forum and a vehicle for promoting and discussing the advancement of the movement among unions and the community to continue the fight against that horror budget.

For all these reasons, and many more, you, your family and friends urgently need a subscription to GLW. Only then, can you receive the regular, weekly dose of truth-telling which GLW brings — and which is so desperately needed in a world of dominant media lies and distortions on so many topics.

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