Geelong Rainbow Pride Chat!


6:30pm to 8:00pm Monday 16 July
3:01pm Thursday 12 July


Are you an LGBTIQA+ person who is currently working, has worked in the past, or is looking for work? 
Are you sick of being 'the only queer in the village'? Have you had things happen at work that you desperately want to talk to someone about? 
Join us for a special Geelong Pride Chat! Click GOING so we know how many snacks to bring! 
A Pride Chat is a confidential, facilitated conversation with a group of LGBTIQA+ people about your experiences at work (either positive or not so positive), what challenges you face as a LGBTIQA+ person, and what can be done to fix those problems together.
It's very action-oriented and it's a great way of connecting people in the community who might not know each other yet.
This is a combined event between Geelong Rainbow Inc., Geelong Trades Hall and facilitated by Victorian Trades Hall Council. This is an opportunity for all LGBTIQA+ workers from small businesses to large organisations, especially those whose business does not have a pride & diversity group or program.
NOTE: This is not an exercise where VTHC will collect information then go target specific workplaces, it's a confidential get together to gain a better understanding of the workplace cultures and general needs of LGBTIQA+ workers across our region. For anyone who can't attend there will be an online survey link provided after this event. 

Where: Geelong Trades Hall, 127 Myers Street, Geelong