Forum: End the racist response to the coronavirus



1:00pm Wednesday 26 February


Wednesday 26th February, 1-2pm @ Manning Bar, University of Sydney.

The Scott Morrison governments response to the coronavirus has been condemned by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Locking 6000 Chinese-Australian citizens up on Christmas Island is racist scare-mongering, not a public health response.

The WHO has declared the 2019-nCoV outbreak a public health emergency but emphasized global trade and travel restrictions are not needed.

Instead the Australian government has locked up 6000 citizens, and as of February 11, the Australian government screened only 200 people and found only 4 with a potential virus. No end date to the quarantine has been given to 6000 people.

Against WHO recommendations, international students from China have been refused entry to begin studies, and Chinese students and people in Australia are suffering racism. Sydney University management is no exception: they closed the Student Representative Council offices to 'secure' them against Chinese students and have told Chinese students to remain in their Sydney University dorms, so as not to possibly 'infect' the broader student population.

Green Left Weekly is hosting a forum with biologist activist Dr. Coral Wynter, anti-racist activist Kai Spencer.

Call Kai 0434 197 464 for more information.

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Kai 0434 197 464