FORUM:  Eviction Defence - Extend the Moratorium!



6:00pm Wednesday 12 August


various VIC 2000


A lot of us expect to come under housing stress in September/October. We have under 7 weeks before the eviction moratorium ends, with JobSeeker & JobKeeper set to be reduced at the same time, many of us will not be able to pay our rent. This is a public forum to try and address the situation as a community, come along! For a variety of reasons, we expect a lot of evictions at the end of September unless we can act to stop them.

The moratorium on evictions is set to end on September 29. Job Seeker is set to go back to its previous rate, Job Keeper will be reduced, and too many unemployed migrant workers can’t access either. The Tribunal process set up by the Victorian government has not adequately addressed the issue of housing security during the pandemic - a lot of people are still expected to back pay massive amounts of rent at the end of the moratorium. On top of all this, existing publicly owned housing is being replaced with privately owned ‘social housing’ under the Victorian government’s Public Housing Renewal Program.

We have already seen punitive measures used against public housing residents under the guise of public health - who knows what is to come? If the moratorium ends before pandemic does, a big wave of evictions will present a significant COVID transmission risk. It’s clear that we need to fight back to protect our health and our basic right to housing. We need to act now to stop evictions and stand up for public housing. Speakers: Adam Adelpour - Housing Defence Coalition (Sydney) Jonathan Sri -  Brisbane Renters Alliance Mahir Muhammad - Public Housing activist and Flemington Estate resident Renters And Housing Union - VIC and more to be announced. We will then collectively discuss how best to defend against evictions and protect public housing from being sold out for private interests. This forum is organised by  Renters And Housing Union - VIC

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