Fighting for a world without sexism: ending gendered violence 

A forum on solutions to gendered violence held on July 31 at the Resistance Centre, Melbourne.

An event continuing the open discussion on solutions to gendered violence was held on July 31 at the Resistance Centre in Melbourne.

Guest speakers were Sumaiya Muyeen, PhD in Gender and Cultural studies; Margarita Windisch, feminist activist and Socialist Alliance member; and Pia Cerveri, Women's and Equality Co-lead organiser at Victorian Trades Hall. An open discussion was held afterward.

Throughout the event there was a strong theme of recognising that our society's response to gendered violence is often focused on violence against white women to the exclusion of women of colour, including indigenous women, sex workers and other marginalised groups. 

Windisch spoke of the need to include class and race in the fight for gender equality and that we cannot see the struggle apart from these issues because of the inherently oppressive nature of the current system. 

In response to a high school audience member who struggled to get people her age to understand the issue, Muyeen stressed the need to find like-minded people and surround ourselves with those who support our actions.

Cerveri, who organised the vigil for Eurydice Dixon, a recent victim of violence, said organising the event had been a very emotional response to the murder. 

In discussion, audience members, including students, social and youth workers, workers in Indigenous communities and teachers, spoke of ways we as a community can work toward ending gendered violence.

These events help progress community conversation around the issue and assist us in understanding and working toward solutions.