End Kuwait trials — Amnesty


End Kuwait trials — Amnesty

Amnesty International has called for a halt to trials of "collaborators" in Kuwait, and for the commutation of death sentences already passed.

An "urgent action" statement from the human rights group notes in part:

"Of the hundreds of people arrested by the Kuwaiti authorities since 26 February 1991, an estimated 200 are being brought to trial on a variety of charges ...

"Amnesty International's observer attended hearings and trials heard before the Martial Law Courts between 20 May and 1 June 1991. In a public statement on 11 June 1991, Amnesty International appealed for the commutation of any death sentences passed, and declared that the trial proceedings were unfair and should be halted until they are brought into line with international standards for fair trial. Amnesty International believes that so far the trials have been defective in all the critical phases; in the pre-trial period, during the hearings themselves, and in the lack of the defendants' right to appeal to a higher tribunal."