Don't give in to the bosses — tear up Work Choices!


Since the ALP national conference in April, the big companies have had the ear of the Liberal and Labor parties about what sort of changes should be made to Australia's industrial relations laws. The voice of workers and their unions have not been heard.

Socialist Alliance believes that to defend our rights at work workers need to mobilise again so that our voices are heard in opposition to the government's anti-worker laws.

We therefore call on the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the state, territory and regional labour councils to immediately call a day of protest that demands:

1. The full repeal of the Howard government's Work Choices and Workplace Relations Act (including the abolition of all individual contracts or AWAs) and;

2. The enshrining in Australian law of the internationally recognised right of workers to take industrial action in defence of their economic and social interests.

[This petition can be downloaded at For more information, contact Sue Bolton on 0413 377 978 or at]