Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 12:30 to 16:00

Rally at Botany Bay Hotel, 1807 Botany Rd, and march to Patrick Terminal

MUA dockers at Patrick Port Botany are fighting hard to defend their jobs, their union and their enterprise agreement. Chris Corrigan, maritime industry boss who led the attack on the MUA at Patrick in 1998, is back and once again trying to break the power of the union. His company Qube have established a fenced yard inside the Patrick terminal with non-MUA labour, being paid well below wharfies wages to do wharfies work.

The Patrick workers are facing down extreme intimidation for refusing to co-operate with this move. Workers have been stood down. The company is using Fair Work and Federal Court orders to threaten big fines and jail time. These workers urgently need support from the wider trade union movement and all social justice activists. We can not allow repressive laws to be used to enforce this blatant attack on the MUA and the hard-won conditions on the waterfront. Rally to show that there is a strong community movement behind them willing to fight. If you can't make the start time, join us outside the Patrick terminal on Penrhyn Rd through the afternoon.

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